Blunders without Apology, Mistakes and their Excuses

By Professor Jeffrey Levett
Asclepios and his disciple Hippocrates proclaimed: we have an opinion, let’s discuss it, if the evidence war¬rants, let’s change it. When the evidence warranted it, Keynes changed his mind. I too had some few thoughts: When a politician says he’s sorry, surely its time to stop and think, maybe to celebrate……..if the suggestion is to kick Mouzalas for his mistake, then perhaps he should also be rewarded wisely, for his considerable efforts within the intractable refugee issue

Greece already wallows in a sea of unfinished business, unable to capitalize on its considerable talent. This includes political indifferences to public health and the sanitary shield at a time of crisis, austerity, refugee and migration issues; an intellectual indifference to the distortion of history and a too weak scientific culture to make a difference; a stubborn inability to work together. Resignation is called for if the national interest is threatened. It seems to me though, that recycling of ideas that have run their course in an unproductive background is more likely agent to derail national development. I am hopeful that the dreadful asymmetry between mistake and apology may nudge the Greek political culture in the right direction. Political strutting and its repetitious use by the mass media will not. At the end of the road will it be relegated to a linguistic slip?

Statements can have negative implications; they may also convey positive elements. The negative “Mouzalian mistake” has transformed itself into an unprecedented positive and strong message, namely, that despite worldwide use of the name Macedonia for FYROM, ordinary Greeks strongly resist it. What might have been construed as a legitimizing mistake in Skopje, brought out an appropriate response in Greece. Skopje has been shaken. The gateways to disaster are several; distortion of history and science, fanaticism.

A place in the new world for the Balkans will depend on science, truth and reconciliation as well as overcoming the imprint of a “crooked and perverse generation”.

A long term solution for Greece is hard to articulate and even harder to agree upon within the current Greek culture. My suggestion would be to push for learning, appropriate technology deployment and the application of meritocracy. This is one important way to innovation, development and increased employment. It would also be good for Greece to promote a scientific symposium that examines greater distortions and lesser mistakes. It should be extra unusual, different from the run of the mill, far removed from back scratching. It should capitalize on the Mouzelian faux pas. Will it induce the Greek intellectual elite to come out of hiding?

If Greece continues along its well trodden road of lip service, decision-making with little application and down-trodden institutions with restricted autonomy, then solutions to such serious issues; health disasters, growing population inequality, unfolding environmental dangers, will remain out of reach. The iceberg will not even, be felt.


Jeffrey Levett said…
According to the United Nations and following on from an irregular General Assembly, Mr. Mouzalas of Greece has now been designated the High Commissioner for Refugees in the European theater of operations. He will be sworn in when Idomeni closes and the borders reopen. His mandate is system operation. UN Intelligence says his first action will be to appoint Chancellor Merkel as his deputy. He follows on, on the tradition of Prime Minister Tsipras to provide shock treatment by Naomi Klein.

Jeffrey Levett said…

A spokeman of the UN says that Mr Kamenos has not been located for comment on the breaking news of the high level appointment of Mr. Mouzalas.

Σύμφωνα με τον ΟΗΕ και μετά από έκτακτη Γενική Συνέλευση, ο κ. Mouzalas από την Ελλάδα έχει προταθεί ως ο Ύπατος Αρμοστής για τους Πρόσφυγες στο Ευρωπαϊκό θέατρο επιχειρήσεων. θα ορκιστεί όμως όταν η Ειδομένη κλείσει και τα σύνορα πάλι ανοίξουν. Η αρμοδιότητα του θα είναι η οργάνωση του συστήματος. Πληροφορίες λένε ότι πρώτιστο μέλημα του θα είναι ο διορισμός της κα Καγκελαρίου Μέρκελ ως αναπληρώτριας του. Αποτελεί συνέχεια της παράδοσης του κ. Τσίπρα να προκαλεί σοκ στο σύστημα όταν παίρνει τα ηνία του συστήματος όπως έγινε με την Naomi Klein.