Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Η Ύπατη Αρμοστεία αποτίει φόρο τιμής στο θάρρος και τη θυσία των εργαζομένων πάνω στην ανθρωπιστική βοήθεια

Ο Ύπατος Αρμοστής του ΟΗΕ για τους Πρόσφυγες António Guterres αποτίει φόρο τιμής στην τεράστια συμβολή κάθε χρόνο των εργαζόμενων στον ανθρωπιστικό τομέα, επισημαίνοντας παράλληλα ότι η δουλειά τους γίνεται ολοένα και πιο επικίνδυνη. "Μόνο το προηγούμενο έτος, περίπου 250 περιστατικά ασφαλείας αναφέρθηκαν, με ανάμεσα τους δολοφονίες, τραυματισμοί ή με κάποιο τρόπο βλαπτικές ενέργειες 457 εργαζόμενων στην ανθρωπιστική βοήθεια», είπε σε ένα προσωπικό του μήνυμα προσωπικό για την Παγκόσμια Ημέρα Ανθρωπιστικής Βοήθειας. "Ποτέ πριν η ανθρωπιστική κοινότητα δεν υπέστη τέτοιες απώλειες. Φέτος, οι απειλές συνεχίστηκαν στο Αφγανιστάν, το Νότιο Σουδάν, τη Σομαλία, την Κεντροαφρικανική Δημοκρατία, τη Μιανμάρ, την Κένυα και άλλου.

Guterres said that one UNHCR staff member had been killed in May this year. "Our colleague Aboudalaye Sall was brutally murdered in the Central Africa Republic," during the height of the inter-communal violence that had reflared in December 2013 in Bangui and other towns.

The High Commissioner urged staff to remember and pay tribute to those, like Sall, who "paid the ultimate price in the service of humanity. We honour their memory and stand in solidarity with the families of the victims and with the survivors."

He said that World Humanitarian Day provided an opportunity for UNHCR staff "to pause and reflect on the personal and professional challenges facing many of our colleagues and their families, especially at this moment when simultaneous crises are unfolding and the world seems to be a more dangerous and unpredictable place than ever."

Guterres said that as the humanitarian challenges grew, humanitarians were more needed than ever. "World Humanitarian Day is also an important vehicle to raise public awareness of the critical role played by aid workers in providing protection and life-saving assistance to millions of people affected by conflict and disasters worldwide, and helping them to rebuild their lives."

People around the world are holding commemorative events today to mark World Humanitarian Day, which this year has the theme: "The World Needs More Humanitarian Heroes." As part of this year's activities, a global online community has been launched. These Messengers of Humanity will be called upon to take action on humanitarian crises by sharing inspired content on social media platforms.

In Geneva, staff at UNHCR's headquarters will hold one minute's silence to remember UN colleagues who have given their lives in the line of duty.

In 2008, the UN General Assembly designated August 19 as World Humanitarian Day in honour of the 22 people who lost their lives in the bombing of the UN headquarters in Baghdad on August 19, 2003. It highlights the vital and often dangerous work conducted worldwide by aid workers.

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