Wednesday, 25 May 2011


"From Thoughts to Action!"
The combination of the world’s growing population with expanding urbanization and globalization has greatly aggravated the risk potential to all communities and nations. Urban risk has become a major planetary concern. Climate change will worsen the situation.

The main goals of GRF Davos are:
To bridge the gap between science and practice
To promote the worldwide exchange of know-how and experience
To target solutions and promote good practice in integral risk management and climate change adaptation for an improved understanding, assessment and management of disasters and risks that affect human safety, security, health, the environment, critical infrastructures, the economy and society at large

To provide and manage a network for decision-makers, practitioners and experts from politics, government, IGOs, business, science, NGOs, media and the public

„From Thoughts to Action“ by closely linking practice, science, policy and decision making in the search for sustainable solutions.
Through its various activities GRF Davos aims at serving as a centre of knowledge and know-how exchange for the application of contemporary risk management strategies, tools and practical solutions. Thus, GRF Davos aims at reducing vulnerability for all types of risks and disasters to protect life, property, environment, critical infrastructure and all means of business for the worldwide community on a sustainable basis.

The Global Risk Forum GRF Davos will address the issues described in its goals through three focal activities that complement each other.

The structure of GRF Davos is made up of three pillars:
Risk Academy
IDRC Conferences and Workshops
Platform for Networks

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